Lovers plotted murder through notes – court told

  • 25/11/2015
Amandeep Kaur and Gurjunder Singh (File)
Amandeep Kaur and Gurjunder Singh (File)

Two lovers accused of murder passed notes asking how to possibly kill one of their spouses and saying "not to spare him", a court has heard.

Gurjinder Singh, 27, is standing trial alongside Amandeep Kaur, 32, for the murder of Kaur's husband Davender Singh.

Mr Singh, 35, had his throat slashed in the Auckland suburb of Papatoetoe, on August 7 last year while sitting with Kaur in their parked car.

The Crown alleges the two co-accused were lovers who plotted the attack after the husband discovered their affair.

Today, the court heard extracts from notes the pair had passed at work in secret after being banned from communicating by Mr Singh

Translator Sukhdev Bains told the court the notes were written in combinations of Punjabi, English and Hindi, and torn apart, meaning only bits could be made sense of.

"How shall we kill/hit/strike him?" a fragment of one note read, he said.

He said the word for "kill" could also be read as something like strike or hit, depending on the missing words.

But under cross-examination, Mr Bains said "we" could be better translated as "you".

Another note read: "Plz [sic] I will try to stop him and you also plz carefully follow us to the place I have told you ...

"If everything goes well today, do not spare him, he made me suffer a lot really. I do not want to live with him."

Another read: "Just bring him to that Rd [road] today."

The Crown case is expected to wrap up tomorrow before the defence calls evidence on Monday.