More protests against TPP

  • 14/11/2015
More protests against TPP

Further protest action against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is expected around the country today.

A national day of action has been organised by the It's Our Future group, which describes itself as a loose network of activists, academics and citizens concerned about the effects of the Pacific Rim deal.

The 12 countries, which include the massive economies of Japan and the US, agreed on the TPP deal last month and the text has been released, but it still has to be ratified.

"As we expected there are very few trade benefits, while the deal gives corporates and foreign investors a lot of power to run roughshod over our democracy," It's Our Future says.

"But it hasn't been signed, and the fight continues."

At least 14 centres, from Kerikeri to Invercargill, are listed as protest spots between 11am and the early afternoon.

The Government says the TPP will bring $2.7 billion in annual trade benefits to New Zealand, less than the $5b it originally hoped for.