Murder-accused burst into tears during interview

  • 12/11/2015
Mei Fan (File)
Mei Fan (File)

Michael Preston burst into tears and began wailing when told the woman he is alleged to have murdered, estranged wife Mei Fan, was dead during a police interview on the night of her death.

Preston, 60, is accused of murdering his wife Mei Fan in November 2013 after their relationship fell apart, prompting her take out a protection order.

As Preston was sat down in an interview room by police officers, he said he was confused and scared after he had been arrested for breaching a protection order.

Soon after, he was told about her death.

"I warned you guys about that," he said immediately after receiving the news.

He said she was constantly talking about how she was going to kill herself and he was concerned about her during the interview played at the High Court in Wellington today.

"She just thinks she's so strong, so independent," he said.

"She's so stupid sometimes, she doesn't ask for help. All I ever wanted to do was help. She wouldn't let me."

Mei Fan, 37, was found lying in a pool of blood with a kitchen knife sticking out of her neck in her Wellington home after she was stabbed dozens of times by Michael Preston, the Crown alleges.

He detailed how they had broken up while living China in 2010 but brought her out to New Zealand because he believed their children could use a mother while they tried to salvage their marriage.

When asked whether their relationship was troubled, he replied, "no" but spoke about how she went "all crazy" and started making death threats to him that led to their relationship deteriorating again.

He said he hadn't seen her in the months leading to up to her death, however recounted how he visited her house in the days before her death after receiving 23 text messages from her in a short period.

Earlier, Preston's friend of more than 40 years, Graham Bullman, spoke about Preston's toxic relationship with Mei Fan, saying he was obsessed and all consumed by it.