Police didn’t know where to find beaten man

  • 12/11/2015
Police didn’t know where to find beaten man

Police say they initially didn't know where to go when called to a fatal beating of a homeless man at a central Auckland park.

Teina Pehi Wharawhara, 42, died in Auckland Hospital on Tuesday night after fellow homeless men dragged him there from Outhwaite Park.

Mr Wharawhara was attacked about 8pm and about two hours later his friend went to the emergency department saying an ambulance should be sent.

However, ambulance communications said an ambulance couldn't be sent because there was no specific location for it to go to, says Detective Inspector Kevin Hooper.

The friend had left the hospital without saying exactly where Mr Wharawhara was.

Police then got another tip off that there was a body in the park and immediately went there.

However, by that time two friends were taking Mr Wharawhara to the hospital themselves.

Once police discovered that they told the ambulance officers to stand down, Det Insp Hooper said.

A 47-year-old man has appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday charged with assault and may face further charges.