$100 bill for sale on Trade Me


There's no shortage of unwanted Christmas presents that pop up on Trade Me by Boxing Day but an unwanted $100 bill?

One Kiwi is apparently unhappy with the $100 gift - or maybe just wanting to mock the idea of presents being sold so soon after they were gifted - but they may get even more back.

The bill was listed on the online auction site by an engineer in the South Island town of Geraldine on Saturday and had a $105.55 bid placed on it by this morning.

"I was given $100 for xmas, don't want it so selling it," reads the description.

And if that doesn't seem like a great deal, it's probably worth remembering there may be a shipping fee too.

One the other hand, the seller does say it's in brand new condition.

Feedback on the auction ranged from congratulating the seller on their humour to questioning whether it is just advertising for the engineering business.

The auction closes on Saturday.