4500 unwanted gifts listed on TradeMe

  • 26/12/2015

Thousands of New Zealanders are trying to turn their trash Christmas presents into treasure with more than 4500 unwanted gifts listed on Trade Me today.

Everything from a batter dispenser to a Star Wars thumb wrestling book have been advertised online today as people try to get money for a present they'd rather not have received.

"It's all part of the Boxing Day sale mentality - its shopping heaven on Earth for bargain hunters both online and offline and Trade Me is no exception," spokesman Logan Mudge said.

"We're expecting to see thousands of unwanted gifts change hands in the next few days, and bargain hunters and opportunistic sellers will be out in force."

Among the listings is a personalised Christmas card to someone named Lindsay from KiwiRail, saying thanks for all his or her efforts at work. It had attracted two bids by mid-Saturday afternoon.

Besides those looking to turn their presents into cash on Trade Me, more than 50,000 searches for "unwanted gifts" have been made on Trade Me.

Last year more than 166,000 searches for unwanted presents were recorded on Boxing Day.