Givealittle swindler sentencing delayed

  • 21/12/2015
Givealittle swindler sentencing delayed

An Auckland woman who raised $13,000 in Givealittle donations while pretending to have terminal cancer must wait three months to hear her fate.

The sentencing for the 23-year-old was adjourned for the third time today after delays in checking the suitability of her address for the pre-sentence report.

The woman, whose name is suppressed, pleaded guilty in April to six charges, including three of fraud, after it was revealed she had lied about her illness to get attention.

Nearly 200 donors gifted cash to the crowd-funding charity website during her 2014 campaign.

Judge Claire Ryan adjourned the sentencing to March after probation staff revealed they hadn't been able to check the woman's house as required.

This followed an earlier adjournment due to a clerical error by a probation officer.

Judge Ryan voiced her frustration at the delays, saying she had been "ready, willing and able" to sentence the offender on three occasions, "but others, however, have not."

She said it was "completely unsatisfactory" that victims must wait two years after the crimes were committed to hear the outcome, "but it's out of my hands".