Papatoetoe murder-accused: I didn't love her

  • 01/12/2015
Amandeep Kaur and Gurjinder Singh
Amandeep Kaur and Gurjinder Singh

By Lydia Anderson

A spurned man went ahead with a plot to kill his lover's husband in a vicious attack despite her trying to call off the hit, a court has heard.

Gurjinder Singh, 27, is standing trial alongside Amandeep Kaur, 32, for the murder of Kaur's husband Davender Singh.

Mr Singh, 35, had his throat slashed in the Auckland suburb of Papatoetoe, on August 7 last year while sitting with Kaur in their parked car.

The crown alleges the two co-accused were lovers who plotted the attack after the husband discovered their affair.

Today Singh underwent cross examination from Kaur's lawyer Sanjay Patel, after he decided to give evidence in court.

Mr Patel referred to secret notes sent between Kaur and Singh at their workplace Sistema Plastics, after the affair was discovered.

Singh was the lead player in plotting and carrying out the murder, Mr Patel alleged, however he said some of the notes from Kaur written the day before the murder suggested she did not want to go through with the plan and wanted to end her relationship with Singh.

"Can we finish everything please, too hard for me my love," one of her notes read.

The notes are not dated, however Mr Patel said Singh read Kaur's notes on August 6 and got angry.

The pair argued at work, and workmates saw Singh say to Kaur "you can't leave me like this".

Singh's parents were also due to visit from India and if they found out about the affair it would bring great shame on the family.

"You had effectively been ditched by Mrs Kaur and you were concerned that you were going to be exposed as a cheat to your parents," Mr Patel said.

On August 7, the day of the murder, he told Kaur he couldn't live without her, Mr Patel said.

Singh followed the couple in his car after work, and pulled up behind Mr Singh's parked car - which was not planned by Kaur, he said.

"You were wound up like a spring ... you unleashed on Mr Davender Singh with the knife," Mr Patel said.

"You stabbed him repeatedly until he was almost decapitated."

He then dropped the knife on Mr Singh's lap and told Kaur to stab him, but she refused, screaming, Mr Patel said.

Singh refuted all Mr Patel's remarks.

Mr Patel challenged Singh's version of events that he arrived after the fatal blow was delivered, and unknowingly took the knife used to kill Mr Singh home in a bundle of clothes.

He alleged Singh had brought the knife from home to commit murder, but Singh denied it belonged to him.

Earlier, Singh said he had lied to police when he initially confessed to helping Kaur plan the murder, and he had only confessed to stop the hours of questioning.

He said all the notes from Kaur talking about a plan to kill Mr Singh were written in anger because she was being badly beaten by him.

His replies telling Kaur to bring her husband to an arranged meeting place were in fact not about killing him, but Singh wanted to talk to him to de-escalate the situation.

The trial continues.