Police seize knives, gun from sleeping man

  • 08/12/2015

Police seized a stash of knives and a loaded gun from a Hamilton man who was caught snoozing at the wheel in a suburban Hamilton driveway.

Neighbours called police at 3:30am today when they noticed a suspicious car in a Fairfield street with the driver slumped over the wheel.

He was awoken by police who quickly discovered a large black knife, two other knives, a loaded pump-action shotgun and some methamphetamine inside the vehicle.

Senior Sergeant Andrew Townsend said the man wasn't drunk but his behaviour did give officers cause for concern.

He thanked the residents of Tennyson Dr for calling in and saving others from harm.

"The arrest of this man undoubtedly prevented a far more serious event occurring," Snr Sgt Townsend said.

The man has been arrested and a number of charges are pending.