Tourist caught driving at 180km/h

  • 29/12/2015

The driver of a group of foreign tourists has copped a driving suspension after claiming he was travelling at 80km/h, even though he was caught doing more than double that.

In the first of two high-speed incidents yesterday, the man was caught speeding at 180km/h on the Waikato Expressway, or State Highway 1, Waikato police say.

He claimed he thought was only doing 80km/h, which police did not believe, says Senior Sergeant Steve Ambler.

The driver was hit with a 28-day license suspension.

Another motorist was also caught driving at 151km/h on SH27 at Tahuna, near Morrinsville.

The drivers exhibited "behaviours more appropriate to the racetrack as opposed to congested public roads," Sen Sgt Ambler said.

"At the speeds recorded in the two incidents yesterday there was no room for error and while the weather is fine, increased numbers of vehicles on the road means drivers need more patience."