English climber rescued from Mt Cook

  • 11/01/2016
English climber rescued from Mt Cook

An English climber has been rescued after injuring himself on a peak in the Southern Alps.

The 64-year-old slipped on snow and hurt his leg on rocks on Mt Mabel, 7km south of Aoraki/Mt Cook.

The solo mountaineer from Leeds activated his UK-registered personal locator beacon about 8pm last night.

The UK Coastguard notified the Rescue Coordination Centre NZ and the Greymouth-based rescue helicopter found him in a steep gully about 10:30pm.

The cliff rescue team was winched down to assess the man who was then winched aboard the helicopter and flown to Mt Cook village for treatment, RCCNZ search and rescue mission coordinator Dave Wilson says.

"The helicopter crew have done a great job in reasonably challenging circumstances.

"While it was a clear, calm night, the man was in a very tight position with little room to move."

His leg was not seriously injured but he was unable to walk without assistance, Mr Wilson said.