Dangerous driving could see taxis banned from Auckland bridge

  • 18/01/2016

A trial of letting taxis drive across Auckland's Grafton Bridge may come to an early end because speeding and passing endangered cyclists, Auckland's transport authority says.

Auckland Transport (AT) has recommended the 12-month trial, which was introduced in August, be canned early because there was a "widespread" failure by cab drivers to keep to the 30km/h speed limit and the ban on passing cyclists.

"A clear objective of the trial was that the presence of taxis would not decrease safety or the perception of safety for the large number of cyclists using the bridge," Edin director Tim Segedin, who wrote the review for AT, said.

The report said 30 taxis had been caught overtaking while cameras were up and a warning had been sent to taxi companies in September after the first two incidents.

Mr Segedin said if the drivers had been acting that way during the trial despite pressure from management to behave well, it was only likely to get worse if the rules were made permanent.

In August, taxi drivers were allowed to join cyclists and buses in using the bridge 24 hours a day in a bid to improve access to Auckland City Hospital and the neighbouring Starship Children's Hospital.

CCTV cameras and tough rules were put in place to ensure taxis were not endangering those on bikes using the bridge.

Auckland Transport will meet with the council's traffic committee to make its recommendation on Friday.