Kiwi takes third place in Aust Elvis competition

  • 10/01/2016
Brendon Chase or Elvis?
Brendon Chase or Elvis?

New Zealander Brendon Chase has placed third in an Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Australia.

Melbourne-based tribute artist Jack Gatto, 24, won the contest at the Parkes Elvis Festival, Moses Kassas was second and Mr Chase was third.

Mr Chase has been entertaining professionally as Elvis for 21 years and is based in Auckland.

The five-day Parkes Elvis Festival sees the population of the New South Wales town swell to more than double its size as fans of all ages from around the world come together to fete "the king of rock and roll", Reuters reports.

The theme for 2016's event is the singer's 1963 Fun in Acapulco film, and many fans armed themselves with sombreros as they relived his music and movie work.

Author Tara Moss made a surprise visit to the festival this year, staying in a vintage caravan, the Parkes Champion-Post reports.

She tweeted a picture of the competition and earlier tweeted "white jumpsuits are the new black."

The Guardian was among international media covering the festival, interviewing Ken Keith, the mayor of Parkes, at an event at Sydney's Central Station before the "Elvis Express" departed.

"Thirty-two years ago, when I got involved in local government, I had no concept at all that I'd ever have to wear an Elvis outfit," Mr Keith said.

He was wearing dark gold-rimmed aviators and an enormous, shiny black wig, and casually draped his mayoral livery over his polyester onesie.