Wellington zoo treating injured albatross

  • 09/01/2016

A rare albatross has been found critically injured in Wellington.

The northern royal albatross or toroa was found near Moa Point and brought to Wellington Zoo where vets worked to save its life.

Dr Lenting and her team prepared the Toroa for surgery (Wellington Zoo)

Nationally vulnerable toroa, which range throughout the Southern Ocean, are rarely seen in Wellington.

The bird had a low body condition and badly injured eye, which had to be removed, veterinary practice manager Amanda Tiffin says.

However, albatross have been known to survive with one eye.

Dr Lenting removes the eye during a surgical procedure (Wellington Zoo)

"Our prognosis for this regal bird is guarded at the moment," Ms Tiffen said.

"Toroa are difficult to rehabilitate, as this species is prone to complications when they are hospitalised."

The team did everything it could, she said.

The releasing the bird back into the wild once it had gained weight and recovered from surgery was an important step to save the species, Ms Tiffen said.

Northern royal albatross facts: