Police scheme reveals partners' violent pasts

  • 01/02/2016

A scheme that allows police to disclose a partner or potential partner's history of violence has been used 14 times since it was launched in December.

Police Minister Judith Collins has revealed the figure and says people have been provided with information they needed to leave potentially dangerous situations.

"People have the right to know about a partner or potential partner's violent past," she said.

"Responding to family violence accounts for 41 percent of a frontline police officer's time, and on average police respond to a family violence incident every five minutes."

Under the Family Violence Disclosure Scheme (FVIDS) a request for disclosure can be made to the police by the partner of a potentially violent person, or a concerned third party.

Police can also proactively release family violence information if they believe someone is at risk from their partner.

The FVIDS is based on a similar scheme in Britain, where it's known as Clare's Law.

Clare Wood was murdered in 2009 by a former partner and had no knowledge of his violent past.