Rubberneckers in Napier chase 'plain stupid'

  • 08/03/2016

Two people have been arrested after a low-speed car chase through Napier last night.

Hawke's Bay police are fuming after the chase attracted a following convoy of rubberneckers.

"This is just plain stupid and quite frankly beyond comprehension," said acting area commander, Inspector Rob Jones.

The driver, who now faces methamphetamine possession charges, could easily have turned around and driven into them, he said.

"The last thing we need is members of the public getting mixed up in an already volatile incident," Inspector Jones said.

The chase began around 11pm on Monday when officers came across a stolen Toyota Hilux on Kennedy Rd.

The driver refused to stop but during the 90-minute chase ran over three separate sets of police road spikes which shredded the ute's front tyres and reduced its speed through Napier suburbs.

The low speed allowed members of the public to follow the chase, which almost formed a "drag chain" at one stage, police said.

Officers involved in the chase had to stop them following the police cars.

The chase finally ended just after 12.30am back on Kennedy Rd. Two police cars were damaged but no one was hurt.

Rim tracks from the ute's wheels have marked the roads where the chase happened.

A 30-year-old Napier man is due to appear in Hastings District Court charged with theft of a vehicle, reckless driving, failing to stop for police, possession of methamphetamine and cannabis and possession of utensils for methamphetamine.

Other charges may be laid.