Woman who ridiculed police still at large

  • 14/03/2016
(Thomas Mead / Newshub)
(Thomas Mead / Newshub)

A wanted woman who allegedly taunted police on their Facebook page is still on the run.

Dayna Paparoa, 19, is believed to have taken to the social media site on Thursday to mock police after they issued a warrant for her arrest for breaching home detention rules.

"YOU NOT DOING YOUR JOBS PROPERLY MY BROS HAHAHAH," a post from her account in the comments section of Counties Manukau Police's Facebook page said.

A police spokeswoman said on Monday Paparoa was still on the run.

But she said a photo purporting to be Paparoa sitting on a police car was a fake and had been around the internet for some time.

She said while the original post mocking officers appeared to be from Paparoa's real Facebook page, the photo had been posted on another recently created account made to look like Paparoa's.

Paparoa is described as having cut her hair much shorter than a photo posted by police and has a tattoo on her right forearm of a "black cross with angel wings".

Police replied to her post saying: "Hi Dayna Paparoa, if you want to make it easier for us, why don't you pop into a Police Station and we can sort out your breach. Thanks".