Shotgun fired as Christchurch bar robbed

  • 03/04/2016
Racecourse Hotel in Stockburn, Christchurch (Wuz Armstrong / Newshub.)
Racecourse Hotel in Stockburn, Christchurch (Wuz Armstrong / Newshub.)

A shotgun has been discharged as a barman wrestled with an armed man during the armed robbery of a Christchurch hotel, with the pellets lodging in a toilet door.

The shot was fired in the Sports Bar at the Racecourse Hotel in Sockburn just on closing time early this morning.

Two disguised men, both carrying shotguns, entered and demanded money while six patrons watched on.

A barman came back into the bar and confronted one of the men, manager Kevin Cowan told NZ Newswire.

"They ended up wrestling on the ground and at that time the shotgun discharged and the shot went into the women's toilet door."

Shotgun fired as Christchurch bar robbed

Shots fired at women's toilet door (Newshub.)

The pair then ran off, carrying the stolen cash in a bag, presumably to a getaway car as police dogs lost the scent, Mr Cowan said.

The barman had said he just reacted when he saw the shotgun being pointed at a staff member, Mr Cowan said.

"It was brave but it's not what I tell them. We've got insurance, give them want they want and they leave."

It was the first time the hotel had been robbed at gunpoint.

The bar staff and patrons were shaken. They had been offered time off but one woman was back at work this morning. The barman would also return to work.

The bar hadn't tallied up how much cash had been stolen but it would have been several thousand dollars, Mr Cowan said.

"They may have targeted us because we had quite a large race day."

The robbery was captured on CCTV.