Sunken fishing boat refloated for probe

  • 16/04/2016
The FV jubilee (Newshub.)
The FV jubilee (Newshub.)

The salvage of a sunken fishing boat off the Canterbury coast is set to begin.

Two vessels, the Island Leader 11 and the MV Korua, will today try to raise the Jubilee.

The 90-tonne ship is sitting 45m deep, 22km off the coast and the plan is to use airbags to lift it from the seafloor and then tow it to Lyttelton.

The total operation could take three to five days.

The three FV Jubilee crew members Jared Reese Husband, 47, Paul Russell Bennett, 35, and Terry Donald Booth, 55, died when the ship sank in October.

Their bodies have been recovered.

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is lifting the vessel in a bid to understand why it sank.