CASA: Keep drones out of Anzac events

  • 24/04/2016
CASA: Keep drones out of Anzac events

Drone operators in Australia keen for footage of Anzac Day events are being warned to steer clear of tomorrow's celebrations.

Flight safety regulations dictate drones are not to be flown near or over groups or within a 30-metre radius of people, Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority says.

CASA is concerned of the risk drones pose to low-flying ex-military aircraft used during celebrations.

"In simple terms, drones must be kept well away from people and aircraft and they must not be flown in a way that causes a hazard," CASA director of aviation safety Mark Skidmore said.

CAA New Zealand says its rules for flying drones are very clear and should be complied with every day.

Local councils also have their own restrictions on the use the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems to make sure people are safe in their local communities.