Ceremony for Scottish regiment

  • 16/04/2016
Ceremony for Scottish regiment

New Zealand's Scottish Regiment will pass into history as its colours are paraded in Dunedin and given to Toit Otago Settlers Museum.

The parade includes a 100 soldier guard, New Zealand light armoured vehicles, the New Zealand Army band, a piper and former members of the regiment.

The regiment was established in January 1939 after the New Zealand army was lobbied for a number of years to follow other Commonwealth countries in having a kilted Scottish regiment.

"We are privileged to be taking over the care and preservation of its colours. This recognises Dunedin's Scottish heritage, and its connections with the New Zealand Defence Force," says Toit OSM director Jennifer Evans.

The New Zealand Defence Force says it's the end of an era for the regiment who were known for their distinctive highland dress and glengarry bonnets at ceremonial events, wearing the tartan of the famous Black Watch Regiment, with whom the unit is affiliated.

Units of the Regiment were set up in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland as part of the Territorial Army.

Later in its history, the regiment was converted from an infantry to an armoured corps unit.

The colours will be on public display at the museum later in April.