Two rescues after beacons set off

  • 03/04/2016
Two rescues after beacons set off

New Zealand's rescue centre got a call from Texas and found a US tramper in trouble in the Tasman district, and a locator beacon also saved hunters lost east of Opotiki.

Both rescues occurred at about 3pm today.

For the rescue of an American tramper in the Richmond Ranges, in the South Island, Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) got a call from a similar organisation in Texas that picked up the activation of the tramper's locator device and RCCNZ sent the Nelson Rescue Helicopter.

Two men, one with injuries to his arm and leg, were found and the injured man was flown to Nelson Hospital.

In the North Island rescue, a jet-boater had dropped two hunters up the Motu River, east of Opotiki, yesterday, lending them his personal locator beacon, which was activated by the men this afternoon.

The RCCNZ directed the Tauranga Rescue Helicopter to the area, which found the hunters who had been lost for 24 hours.

RCCNZ co-ordinator Greg Johnston said the incidents again highlighted the worth of carrying emergency distress beacons.

Heavy rain fell this weekend in both areas the rescues occurred in.