Vexatious litigant refused right to sue Queen of England

  • 18/05/2016
Vexatious litigant refused right to sue Queen of England

A New Zealand man who alleges he was once wrongfully imprisoned and has become a victim of a miscarriage of justice has been denied permission to sue the Queen of England.

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is just one of 26 defendants that vexatious litigant David Stanley Heenan had plans to sue, with the New Zealand Government and the Attorney-General among the others.

He was suing for amounts between $1 and $20 million after alleging judicial corruption, fraud, forgery, perjury, gross miscarriages of justice and the mimicry of scandalous judgments.

In addition, he also demanded the Governor General grant him mercy for his wrongful imprisonment.

However after Heenan was ruled a vexatious litigant in 2009, he has been unable to bring these cases without permission.

The High Court at Christchurch found that Heenan's submissions were not of a high enough standard to proceed and he simply re-asserts earlier claims of uncorroborated judicial malfeasance.