WWI Battle of Jutland victims remembered in Auckland

WWI Battle of Jutland victims remembered in Auckland

The 8500 men who lost their lives in the largest naval battle of World War I are being remembered on Auckland's North Shore.

Today, the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland is being commemorated by Navy members at the Royal New Zealand Navy Base at Devonport.

Commodore Jim Gilmour is among those recognising the battle's significance.

"It was the last time the two major fleets -- the new battle fleets -- came together, the Royal Navy and the German Navy," he says. "Almost 250 ships were involved -- 150 from the Royal Navy and 99 from Germany."

More than 6000 British and 2500 Germans died in the battle.

In conjunction with today's commemorations, a Battle of Jutland Exhibition is opening at South Canterbury Museum in Timaru at 5pm. The battle flag from HMS New Zealand is on display in the exhibition.

Rear Admiral John Martin is representing the Royal New Zealand Navy at commemorations in the Orkney Islands. The islands served as the main base for the Royal Navy during the World War I and will be the major focal point for the anniversary ceremony.

Prince Philip will attend a service at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall on Tuesday (UK time). Following the mass, the prince will join a ceremony at Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery in Hoy.

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