Geeks told to cover up in Wellington

  • 04/06/2016
(Reuters file)
(Reuters file)

Geeks cover up your fake weapons.

The order has gone out from Wellington police because "accessories" carried by people heading to the Armageddon Expo at Westpac Stadium this weekend are frightening members of the public who think they are real and are calling police.

Police say they responded to a report of a man with a weapon in Porirua today and he was innocently heading to the expo in full costume.

It wasted police time.

"In an effort to reduce the amount of concerned citizens we had calling police in 2015, we appeal to those attending this year, to cover-up any fake weapons," police say.

The expo is a New Zealand-owned commercial convention held in several cities that has evolved from a comic and trading card event to a sci-fi, fantasy, pop culture celebration.

Hundreds of zombies, stormtroopers, steampunks and other fantasy characters turned out for the expo in Christchurch in March.


Correction: June 6, 2016

An earlier version of this article had a file photo attached from an image library featuring people in Star Wars costumes, but the people depicted were not connected to this story. The article's image has been updated.