Police urge safety in back-to-school rush

  • 25/07/2016

Police are warning parents dropping kids off at school to do so safely.

They say they'll be actively patrolling school zones as term three gets underway.

Double parking and parking on yellow lines may be convenient for the parent and their children but it creates a significant safety risk for others, Senior Sergeant David Sutherland of Hawke's Bay police says.

Also, adults should insist on children getting out on the footpath side.

Police will be looking out for anyone who may be parking or stopping illegally around schools and taking enforcement action where necessary, he said.

While drivers need to slow down and pay attention around schools it's also just as important for pedestrians to stick to the footpath and utilise pedestrian crossings.

If a child is hit by a vehicle travelling at 50km/h they have next to no chance of surviving the collision.

It's also important to travel at 20km/h if passing a school bus uplifting or dropping off children, and an instant fine of $150 can be issued to those not doing this.

Students biking to school should wear a properly fitting helmet, highly visible clothing and have a bike that is safe.

All drivers need to be alert and avoid distraction, police say.

"Don't use your cell phone while driving, don't turn to speak to kids in the back seat, and watch for other kids on bikes or crossing the road," police say.