Boating in mid-winter irks police

  • 18/06/2016
Boating in mid-winter irks police

Police are warning they can prosecute people acting irresponsibly on the water after two people in an inflatable boat with no motor were rescued from Lake Wakatipu.

Police aren't happy with the amount of resources it took to rescue the pair last night and point out it's the middle of winter so it's best to be prepared when boating.

The pair only had one life jacket, their boat had no motor and they only had one oar when the other one broke.

Police say a number of rescues occur because people go out on the water unprepared.

"Not only can this be dangerous and put other people at risk, it also takes considerable police resources to rescue the troubled boaties, taking them away from helping the public and attending and solving crimes."

They're pleased the people are safe but say it could have been avoided if they were better prepared.

Police are talking to the pair, and say they can, and do, prosecute those who put others at risk.

Police, Maritime NZ and local authorities all have the ability to take enforcement action against those acting irresponsibly on the water.