Dog turns the tables, takes kid for a walk

Dog turns the tables, takes kid for a walk

A young dog's epic wait for a home might be over soon, after she was caught on camera taking a baby goat for a stroll in the park.

Pixie, a two-year-old basenji Staffordshire cross picked up by the pound, has been living in foster care for six months - the longest of all New Lives Animal Rescue's furry clients.

"She came into care heavily pregnant and had eight puppies," says founder Donna Young. "All the pups have found homes, but we're still trying to find somewhere for her."

The Hamilton-based group put Pixie into a temporary foster home in Cambridge, and she quickly befriended Silver - a goat.

"Pixie's friends with everyone. She's a really social dog."

A video of the pair walking through a park - Pixie leading Silver, leash in mouth - melted hearts on Facebook.

"Oh my... that is perhaps the cutest thing I will see all day," said one viewer.

"Do you think she'd able to take my pony for a walk down the road? She's very cute," wrote another.

Silver's not going anywhere, but Ms Young says Pixie won't mind saying goodbye when she does find a home.

"I think Pixie will just go with the flow."

Finding a home isn't easy though. Not only are there plenty of dogs looking for owners, New Lives Animal Rescue doesn't just give them away to anyone.

"We won't rehome Pixie where she's left all day on her own," says Ms Young. "She needs to be kept busy with other dogs, or ideally on a lifestyle property, somewhere she's allowed inside the home."

New Lives Animal Rescue deals with up to 35 dogs at any one time, keeping them in foster care until they're adopted.

"They're living in a family environment, they're in a home doing normal things, so we get to know them - we get to know what they are good with."

Spring is expected to bring in dozens of cats - last year they had up to 100 on the books.  

It'll cost you $150 to adopt Pixie, but she's de-sexed, fully vaccinated and  microchipped - and if needed, she can take your kids out for walk.