Kiwi sheep leaps to Photoshop fame

  • 19/10/2016
  • By Newshub staff
The sheep, before the internet got hold of it (Red Meat Profit Partnership/Facebook)

Counting sheep won't get you to sleep if they all jump as spectacularly as this.

A lamb caught bounding majestically into the air on a Wairarapa farm has found itself the subject of an online Photoshop battle.

Mike Heydon took the shot at the Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre's Mangarata farm on Thursday, while on a job for industry group Red Meat Profit Partnership.

Once internet forum Reddit got hold of the image, the young lamb was put in a variety of unlikely situations.

It was turned into 'Lambo'.


It took a member of the Rebel Alliance for a ride through the forests of Endor.


It became a moustache.


It went stagediving.


And it became a uniquely New Zealand weapon of war.


As of Wednesday morning, Red Meat Profit Partnership's Facebook post has 717 shares and 861 reactions. But it found a much bigger audience on Reddit, sitting at the top of the Photoshop battles section for hours, with thousands of upvotes.


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