Lewis Road & Whittaker's team up again with new chocolate butter

Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Butter (Supplied)
Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Butter (Supplied)

Lewis Road Creamery is back with another creation which may surprise consumers.

The boutique dairy company has teamed up with its original collaborator, Whittaker's, for the first time since it released its chocolate milk which started a frenzy in 2014.

This time they've released a chocolate butter, which Lewis Road Creamery founder Peter Cullinane is convinced Kiwis will love.

"While another flavoured milk would be the obvious follow up, we like to keep innovating and believe this chocolate butter is something quite special."

It combines Lewis Road Creamery butter with Whittaker's 72 percent Dark Ghana chocolate.

Mr Cullinane says it will be the first of its kind on New Zealand's supermarket shelves.

"There are other so-called chocolate spreads in the supermarket, but these are loaded with palm oil, sugar and no real chocolate," he says.

"Our chocolate butter will appeal to those seeking an indulgent, real chocolate spread made from simple, quality ingredients."

It can be used on toast, croissants and pancakes, as well as in baking and in cooking.

"Ben Bayly, who is the head chef at The Grove has been experimenting with it, and has created a stunning chocolate hollandaise to be served with venison," Mr Cullinane says.

It will be available from October 20 and retails at $8.99.


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