Man jumps into Parakai pool to avoid police, performs martial arts

  • 16/10/2016

Police spent more than an hour negotiating with a man who jumped into a pool near Helensville after being caught at a drink-driving checkpoint on Saturday night.

The man stayed in the pool at Parakai Springs and refused to leave, with a bystander telling Fairfax he was standing in the middle of the pool, grunting and performing martial arts poses.

Parakai Springs manager Dion Tilson said the man ran through the pool complex and jumped into the water after encountering the checkpoint.

There were already a number of people in the pool who had to then get out while police negotiated with him, he told NZ Newswire.

"He was bopping away and refusing to leave. There was a fair bit of yelling and screaming.

"I think he was probably dressed when he first entered the pool but down to a pair of shorts by the time he exited," he said.

Police requested that the pool close early, with fishery officers and at least four police cars present to entice the man out.

Jeremy Batten, who was there with his daughter, told Fairfax the man was "screaming like a superhero trying to power-up".

Police sprayed the man with a hose, and negotiation teams were eventually able to get him out.

A police spokesperson said the man was arrested on a range of charges and taken to hospital, and was believed to be under the influence of drugs.