Waiouru toilet named New Zealand's best

  • 19/10/2016
  • By Matt Burrows
The Waiouru public toilet on State Highway 1 (Supplied)

It's official: a toilet in Waiouru is number one for your number twos.

The Central Plateau town's public loo has taken out the coveted crown for having the best dunny in all of Aotearoa in the 2016 Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards.

It wasn't always the way for the toilets in Waiouru, a town that has long been considered the southern entry point to the Tongariro National Park and the last stop before the Desert Rd.

(Supplied / Ruapehu District Council)

The township's toilet facility was, until only three years ago, one of the worst in the country due to its deathly boring cinderblock-based design and penchant for attracting vandals.

But the building was rebuilt in 2013, and after consultation for a year and a half, a "very special facility" was born.

Inspired by the nearby military training grounds and National Army Museum, the Ruapehu District Council built in a concrete bunker and have now upped the number of times a day the facilities get cleaned.

(Supplied / Ruapehu District Council)

The council said they operated based on the understanding that "if something looks good, it seems to receive a lot more respect".

"Since completion, the toilets and the surrounding landscape and picnic areas have been hugely popular, with families stopping to eat, and the children playing in the gardens and climbing over the rocks," the council said.

The accolade for last year's top toilet was won by Hastings' Clifton Rd Reserve loo.


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