Bail bid for accused bodies-in-box murders

  • 02/11/2016
Bail bid for accused bodies-in-box murders

One of the seven people charged over the Logan bodies-in-the-box murder case has applied for bail.

Tuhirangi-Thomas Tahiata, 24, is accused of murdering Cory Breton, 28, and Iuliana Triscaru, 31, in early 2016 and dumping their bodies in a large metal toolbox found submerged in a dam.

Tahiata this week lodged an application for bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court. It will be heard later this month.

Mr Breton and Ms Triscaru, 31, were last seen on January 24.

Their bodies were found in a locked metal box that was dragged out of a Kingston dam on February 11, the same day six people were charged with their murders, including Tahiata.

A seventh person was also charged over their deaths six days later.

Police have previously alleged Mr Breton and Ms Triscaru were beaten at a unit in a dispute over a drug debt before being bound and stuffed in the two-metre-long box.

The pair were then allegedly driven to the dam off dead-end Mudgee Street where they were both shot in the head and the box thrown into the water.