Surf Life Saving rips into safety project

  • 02/11/2016
Surf Life Saving rips into safety project

The future of ensuring water safety is set to be much easier, with the launch of a new project.

New Zealand company Emisoft have teamed up with Surf Life Saving NZ (SLSNZ) to project and predict surf and currents.

SLSNZ says it will provide more accurate data, leading to a better understanding of the workings of rip currents in different locations.

"It's a really good use of technology that will help provide valuable data and benefit many different search and rescue operations, helping to lead searchers to patients much quicker," SLSNZ national lifesaving manager Allan Mundy said.

'Drifters' will be used to plot GPS data, as well as drones to accurately measure the currents and rip behaviour.

The project will be trialled at Piha Beach on Auckland's West Coast between November 15-18.