Vicki Letele's family to protest her imprisonment

  • 05/11/2016
Vicki Letele (supplied)
Vicki Letele (supplied)

The family of Vicki Letele will protest outside the prison she is dying of cancer in, continuing a bid for her release on compassionate grounds.

A protest at Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility at Wiri is planned for 11am on Saturday, her brother Dave Letele says on Facebook.

"Enough is enough," he says.

The 35-year-old is eight months into a three year sentence for a $500,000 mortgage fraud but seeking early release after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Latele, a mother of three, is up for parole in April next year with her full sentence to end in May 2019 but she has been given less than six months to live.

Prime Minister John Key said on Thursday there was a process for seeking early release that he understood was being followed by the family in this case.

Doctors and social workers have submitted letters to the Parole Board supporting "release to a home environment where she can be supported by family and carers".

The Parole Board has said in Latele's case a terminal illness does not meet the exceptional circumstances threshold and she does not qualify on compassionate grounds either.

Corrections chief executive Ray Smith has ordered a review of the case.