Auckland bus driver beaten up while on the job

  • 02/12/2016
  • By Matt Burrows
Scores of people were riding the bus when the attack occurred (Wikimedia / Simon_sees)

Two men were arrested and a bus driver required medical treatment after he fell victim to an attack on one of central Auckland's busiest streets.

The pair were spotted entering the bus on Karangahape Rd by a number of witnesses on Friday afternoon, before launching a violent assault on the driver.

The attack took place in front of crowds of onlookers, with scores of people riding the bus and standing on the roadside when the incident occurred - and one of the many witnesses called the police.

Officers arrived at the scene promptly, and a police spokesperson said it was at that point that the men, aged 50 and 38, attempted a getaway.

The alleged assailants fled the scene but were successfully chased down by police, who took them both into custody.

The bus driver was treated by ambulance staff but did not need to be hospitalised.


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