Christchurch Santa Parade to go on despite 'insensitive' Indian float complaint

  • 02/12/2016
  • By Caley Callahan

The organiser of Christchurch's Santa Parade on Sunday says she won't make changes to the line-up after a woman complained about an 'insensitive' American Indian float.

Organiser Pam Morris says the complaint consisted of three different issues.

"There was a complaint about three different things," she says.

"One about the confederate flag which was flown on the Dukes of Hazard car last year. There was a bit about Donald Trump and a bit about the Indian float."

Ms Morris says the organising team took the advice on board but no further action would be taken.

"We've taking it on board but we're not going to take the float out because one person complained," she says.

"We don't do anything insensitive at all we are very respectful of costumes. We don't make mockery at all so I don't know what it's all about really.

"The float is about 20 years old for Christ's sake."

The cowboys and Indians float in the 2007 parade (Christchurch City Libraries / Flickr)

She says the idea to include a float came after a trip to America, but wasn't directed at native Indians.

"It's supposed to be cowboys and Indians," she says, "because little kids play cowboys and Indians."

In the past there has been no issues and Ms Morris says the children love the float.

"The children on it just love it, the boy that was going to be on it was so excited because he looked so great in one of the costumes."

Ms Morris says there is no chance of the float being removed.

"Everybody is offended by something," she says.

"There's people that get offend by Santa, are we going to pull Santa out as well?"

Christchurch's Santa Parade is scheduled for December 4.


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