Colin Craig's copyright lawsuit a 'waste of the court's time'

  • 06/12/2016
Colin Craig (Getty / file)
Colin Craig (Getty / file)

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig's copyright lawsuit has been thrown out by a judge who said it was "vexatious" and a "waste of the court's time".

Mr Craig took WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater for publishing his poem 'Two of Me' on his blog.

The poem was written to Mr Craig's former secretary who later accused him of sexual harassment.

For each month Mr Slater had the poem on WhaleOil, Mr Craig sought $3000, along with a retraction and apology, and damages; a total claim of $15,000.

Mr Craig also sought $8000 in general and punitive damages from the Taxpayers Union founder Jordan Williams, who supplied Mr Slater with a copy of the poem.

Judge Mary Beth Sharp called Mr Craig's lawsuit against Mr Slater and Mr Williams "vexatious" and "improper" and a "deception perpetrated on the court" at the Auckland District Court on Tuesday.