Fishing boat flips at Kawhia, four rescued

The ocean, off Kawhia (Google Maps)
The ocean, off Kawhia (Google Maps)

Another fishing vessel has capsized, this time while trying to navigate the Kawhia Bar near Raglan. 

Four people were rescued by a boatie after the Coastguard, unable to contact the boat, radioed other vessels in the area.

"He was able to sight one person, who he pulled from the water," says Coastguard spokesperson Georgie Smith.

"Two people had made their way to shore. Another person was missing, but quickly rescued from nearby rocks."

The skipper of the vessel had logged a bar report, and when they didn't radio back to say they'd crossed it safely, the Coastguard was able to swing into action.

All four on board were wearing life jackets. 

Ms Smith commended the group for logging a bar crossing report, for wearing life jackets and having two forms of communication. 

The incident comes five days after at least seven people lost their lives when a boat capsized on the Kaipara Harbour bar.

Like the one at Kaipara, the Kawhia bar has a reputation for being dangerous and unpredictable in certain conditions


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