Government stalled on electric cars - Labour

electric car
An electric car charging (file)

Labour has accused the Government of applying the handbrake on buying electric cars, with just eight bought in six months last year.

It has released the results of a written question to Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce last month, which show that in the six months to the end of September the Government bought 2039 vehicles, but just eight of them were electric.

Labour's Transport Spokesperson Sue Moroney says the Government is all talk and no substance.

"They say that they were going to lead the switch to electric vehicles but in the six months since that announcement they've only bought eight electric vehicles for the government fleet."

The eight electric vehicles was even more pitiful than the government's target of owning 2 percent of the country's electric fleet by 2021, she said.

"The Government can't even lead by example to reach that tiny target itself."

Ms Moroney says the Government needs to be a leader in the use of electric vehicles.

Last year the Government set a target of 64,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2021.

Early indications were the public were keen, with more than 2000 registered half way through the year - double the target.

NZN / Newshub.