Worst luge crashes caught on camera

Recently our neighbours across the ditch have been having a few issues at their theme parks.

But surprisingly to us and the rest of the world, there are yet to be any critical injuries at one of our most infamous attractions.

The luge - aka carnage on wheels - is one of the greatest adrenaline sports in New Zealand.

Each year more than 1 million visitors travel to the tracks to test their mettle.

They channel their favourite Mario Kart character, intent on pushing their little cart as hard as it can handle as they reach speeds of over 35km/h.

The track distances are over a kilometre long, but to the riders it feels longer as they hurtle down the steep trails, only inches away from the tarmac.

And for some unlucky riders, they're only inches away from disaster.

In 2016, ACC received 452 luge injury claims, and paid out $225,829.

But despite the risk of life-threatening injuries, risk-takers continue to come - providing even more footage for future best-of clips.