Guns N' Roses queue delays leave fans fuming

Guns N' Roses Westpac Stadium Wellington queue delays
There were "weather related technical difficulties" (Newshub.)

Guns N' Roses fans have been forced to queue in the rain for hours outside the Westpac Stadium in Wellington, after "weather related technical difficulties".

Westpac Stadium apologised for the halt, which left fans fuming.

Production manager Dale Skjerseth said the weather's been the biggest challenge of Thursday night's Wellington gig. They're behind schedule because of the winds on Wednesday.

"I've been standing here for 20 minutes the que hasn't moved what's going on?? There's 4000 people here that are gonna miss wolfmother, (sic)" an angry Craigy Lee posted on Westpac Stadium's Facebook page.

Posts on social media show large crowds drenched and gathering outside the stadium.

"It's now been over an hour standing in the rain and you still haven't opened the gates. This is such poor event management. No doubt there is a health and safety risk with this many people (everyone) standing here," Angela Gillies-O'Flaherty wrote.

Photos show the inside of the stadium nearly empty.

"Sort your technical difficulties out. It rains a lot in Wellington and if your system can't handle it that it is poor performance from your team," Brendon Gutschlag said.

The gates were finally opened after 6:40pm, but there was no word on how long it would take for everyone to make it into the stadium.