Home at last: Cordons lift for two Port Hills roads

  • 21/02/2017
Firefighters continue to fight the huge Port Hills fire (File)
Firefighters continue to fight the huge Port Hills fire (File)

Residents of two roads in Christchurch's Port Hills kept out of their home by the massive blaze over the last week will be allowed to return to their homes, officials say.

Cordons closing Kennedys Bush and Hoon Hay Valley Roads will be lifted from 8am on Tuesday.

However, access will be restricted to residents only and army or police staff will be checking people's identification before being allowed back, Civil Defence controller David Adamson says.

He also warned there could be a wait at the cordon.

There are dozens of houses on the two roads.

On Monday evening, 154 properties were behind the cordon on Kennedys Bush Rd, Hoon Hay Valley Rd, Summit Road and parts of Worsley Rd.

Up to 150 firefighters are still on site to quell the 2075ha blaze which started on Monday night last week.

Officials say burned forestry areas are now at risk of rockfall. Large boulders above Dyers Pass Rd are being moved into holes excavated beneath.

The lifted cordons are:

  • Kennedys Bush Road
  • Hoon Hay Valley Road

What you need to know:

  • Residents will be checked in by police or army personnel
  • You must present a photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport
  • There may be a wait at the cordon. Civil Defence asks for patience and says returning residents will be allowed through as soon as possible.