Home destroyed as scrub fire engulfes Hawke's Bay road

  • 13/02/2017

Eight fire crews will continue to monitor a fire at Waimarama in the Hastings District overnight, to ensure buildings are protected.

The Hastings District Council said the main concern to residents would be a change in wind direction, which would fan smouldering embers.

Fires across the Hastings District have forced the Civil Defence to declare State of Emergency on Monday.

Senior station officer Colin Littlewood said hot and blustery conditions had led to the seriousness of the blaze.

"I don’t think this has ever happened before but we’re in an incredibly dangerous time with fires at the moment" he said.  

"It’s a difficult and dangerous situation." 

He asked that people in the region conserve water during the emergency status, and be "incredibly careful and vigilant" about using anything that might accidently ignite any more of the tinder dry grass in the district

"The last thing we need is anything else on top of that because we will struggle" 

Civil Defence posted on its Facebook page that there have been evacuations of properties.

One home has burnt to the ground on Waimarama Rd, and at least one other is threatened from the scrub fire.

Waimarama Rd was reopened to traffic at 6pm on Monday but Craggy Range Rd and Lopez Lane remained closed.

Power was restored to all but eight houses by 7pm on Monday. Cellphone signal remained reduced.

Three helicopters and at least 25 fire trucks are battling the fire, which started around 11am on Monday.

A fire spokesman said there was no indication of what sparked the blaze in the seaside village.