Port Hills cordons reviewed as fire fight continues

  • 26/02/2017
The Port Hills fires started on February 13 (File)
The Port Hills fires started on February 13 (File)

Civil Defence staff are reviewing cordons around the Port Hills put in place for the devastating fires.

Civil Defence have received a number of queries about the reopening of Dyers Pass Road, but say if anything changes they will let people know.

Three cordons remain on Dyers Pass Road and preparations are under way to have the road open as soon as possible.

There are a total of 11 cordons: Worsleys Road, Kennedys Bush Road, Hoon Hay Valley Road and Dyers Pass Road cordons have been relaxed for residents only.

Cordons are also being maintained at the entrance to Halswell Quarry during air operations to ensure public safety.

Earlier on Sunday, a pine forest north of Marleys Hill was being monitored by fire crews for potential flare ups in the fire that devastated Port Hills.

On Saturday night, thermal imaging drones used to identify hotspots showed temperatures of more than 100C in the pine forest.

Civil Defence says hotspots are continually being dampened in residential properties in upper Summit Road and Worsleys Road.