Prison guards' personal files given to gang leaders

  • 28/03/2017

Auckland prison guards assaulted in a maximum security jail have further fears for their safety after their personal details were passed onto the inmates accused of attacking them.

The officers suffered a range of wounds, including being stabbed, in the assault at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo.

Now their personal details have been passed onto gang members inside the prison after police failed to redact them from documents given to the prisoners' defence lawyer, Corrections Association president Alan Whitley says.

The information includes the Paremoremo Corrections officers' names, addresses and phone numbers. 

One file was found in the cell of a Killer Beez gang leader another in the cell of a Black Power member.

Mr Whitley says his team had worked with police on Monday to to ensure the safety of the prison guards but was angry the error occurred.

Waitemata district commander Superintendent Tusha Penny said police became aware of a "disclosure error" late last week regarding documents relating to an historic assault matter on Corrections officers.

"The material was being disclosed as part of the routine prosecution process when the error has occurred. Police are working closely with Corrections on this matter."

Ms Penny said the disclosure occurred as a result of human error. 

"We have expressed our deep regret to Corrections that this error has occurred. We are discussing appropriate security measures for the affected staff members however we will not discuss these measures publicly."

An internal investigation will be carried out, Ms Penny said.

Police are carrying out an internal investigation into the error.

The staff in question are appearing in an upcoming trial after they were attacked in October last year.

Newshub. / NZN