Woman in BMW tries to abduct North Shore schoolboy

A schoolboy is fortunate to be safe and well after a woman tried to abduct him on Monday morning on Auckland's North Shore, his mother has said.

"My son Riley got a real fright this morning," Sara Prendergast wrote on Facebook on Monday.

She says after getting off the bus on his way to school he was walking along Hastings Rd when a car pulled up beside him.

"When they opened the door he ran. A woman got out and chased him. He got around the corner onto Penzance Rd and hid in a bush. They couldn't see him and left. He then ran to school."

She says Riley had run past a female high school student, and Ms Prendergast hopes she is okay as she would have been walking toward the alleged offender.

"Keep an eye out for a silver BMW 7 series; Riley thinks probably around a 2006/2007 model," Ms Prendergast wrote.

"It was a man driving and a woman passenger."

Police are investigating the attempted abduction local schools have been notified.


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