Several bodies intact in Pike River Mine - Anna Osborne

Up to six intact bodies can be seen in new video footage from inside Pike River Mine, the widow of a man who died in the 2010 explosion has revealed. 

"There are a number of bodies, we're talking probably four, five, six at the moment, we're still going through footage, but at the request of the families at this stage we're not going to release those," Anna Osborne told The AM Show. 

"But there are definitely loved ones' bodies fully intact."

Ms Osborne lost her husband Milton in the disaster. She says it's been "six-and-a-half years of lies and cover-ups". 

She says the new footage is more than enough evidence for a manned re-entry into the mine.

The new video showing a lack of fire or blast damage emerged on Sunday.

But Prime Minister Bill English on Monday told The AM Show there was "nothing actually new about the footage", which had "been around for years".

The footage was taken by a camera lowered down a 126-metre bore drilled about a month after the explosions and into the deepest part of the West Coast mine.

It shows undamaged wooden pallets and rubber hoses.

Labour leader Andrew Little said on Tuesday now there is "more compulsion" for the Government to work with the victims' families to get re-entry to the mine.

"I sympathise with the families who are fearful that this looks like it's being pushed past the election so nothing might happen."

Mr Little has committed to initiating a safe re-entry of Pike if Labour wins the election, and he would "clear the technicalities that the Government hides behind".

The new footage appears to show glasses that may have belonged to Ben Rockhouse, one of the 29 men killed in the explosive 2010 underground coal mine disaster.

"New Zealand has been told there's nothing but ashes and dust down there, they've been told that the drift can't be made safe to enter and investigate," his mother Sonya Rockhouse said in a statement.

"That's just not true, my boy is down there and if pallets and paper are intact then so is his body," she said.

"[Prime Minister] Bill English needs to stop trying to hide from this ... He needs to let our experts work with mines rescue to enter the drift and find out what happened down there."

NZN / Newshub.