Labour 'dangerous and deceitful' - Marlborough winegrowers

Marlborough winegrowers are describing the lack of detail in Labour's proposal to charge for water as "dangerous and deceitful".

Despite the resistance Jacinda Ardern said Labour is being as open as possible to the winegrowers who say they're in limbo.

Wine Marlborough Deputy Chairman Simon Bishell said "we have no idea of what we are going to be hit with and that's why I call it deceitful, all we do know is there is going to be a tax."

New Zealand exports 80 percent of its wine, growers say the global competition is fierce and paying for water could turn profits into losses.

Mr Bishell said "profits are made on tiny margins and if we can't protect those small margins we make then that puts the whole industry at risk."

Ms Ardern doesn't believe it's that bad.

"The criteria that we have set ourselves we will make sure for industries like our winegrowers that they absolutely remain profitable and competitive."

"Before we talk about rates we want everyone who will be potentially affected to sit around the table work out what's the most workable way forward."

The winegrowers have joined fruit and veggie growers and dairy farmers as those not happy with the idea of a water tax.

They call it populist politics that will push up prices and National has jumped on board.

Backbencher Andrew Bayly's Facebook post claimed onions would double in price and each bottle of wine would incur a $75 water charge.

The wine industry wants an urgent meeting to clear the air and Ms Ardern is happy to comply.

The Ardern effect is still rippling through the polls, but the leadership honeymoon could soon be over because it's time for policy.