Ngaio Gorge slip nearly cleared

  • 09/08/2017
The Ngaio Gorge is almost fully cleared.
The Ngaio Gorge is almost fully cleared. Photo credit: Newshub.

Only 2 per cent of slip material remains to be cleared from the Ngaio Gorge slip in Wellington, with the road closure below the site to be be now moved closer.

Wellington City Council reported on Wednesday afternoon that the slip - which occurred on July 29 - has been nearly entirely removed, with a few truck loads being stockpiled on site to use on various areas of forward work.

Anchor drilling will start Thursday morning, with containers and ballast blocks delivered in the afternoon.

As part of the road realignment, a vegetation crew will start clearing the garden area and overhanging trees, and any levelling required will also take place.

Businesses at the lower end of the hill will now get unobstructed access, but the bottom of Old Porirua Road will still be manned to prevent uphill traffic.

Other routes motorists are still urged to use other routes are the main Ngauranga Gorge, Onslow Road and Churchill Drive via Wadestown.